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Jean-Luc Léon

Un tramway à Moscou

Edition 1996
54' - 1996 - Drama
Director: Jean-Luc Léon Composer: Igor Kantyukov With: Valeriy Afanasev, Valeri Anisimov, Anastasia Anisimova
It's a lovely autumn day in Moscow as line A tram makes its last journey. This line, which runs through the old city, is no longer making enough money and is about to be closed. The old tramway is like a touring theatre. During the trip we discover a whole gallery of characters, of travellers for whom the line is like their home - the retired army officer, the young girl, the romantic young man, the old ladies... The tantrums and the taunts and the catcalls of the regular travellers are so many reflections of the hopes, the joys and the doubts of present-day Muscovites.

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E5751d8f 101b 4039 b81e 566b7f0b04fa
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Jean-Luc Léon


Igor Kantyukov


Valeriy Afanasev, Valeri Anisimov, Anastasia Anisimova


Jean-Luc Léon, Emil Braginskiy

Director of Photography

Valentin Piganov, Jean-Luc Léon


Bénédicte Mallet

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Countries of production

Russia, France



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