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Gillies Mckinnon

Trojan Eddie

Edition 1996
105' - 1996 - Crime, Drama, Romance - Dialogue: English
Director: Gillies Mckinnon With: Stephen Rea, Richard Harris, Stuart Townsend
Trojan Eddie's the name, bargain-zinies the game. This is Edie's motto as he travels from town to town selling his wares. A vibrant performer on stage, off stage a quiet man. A loving father, a sad cuckolded husband, an old ex con, he seems to ramble through life full of anxiety and doubt, pragmatically dreaming of a better life. Eddie works for John Power, a rich old settled Traveler who is still more than a little wild at heart. At the annual patron John falls for Kathleen, a beautiful young Traveller. He courts and eventually marries her, but his happiness is short lived as she is snatched from under his nose by his nephew Dermot. Dermot and Kathleen elope together and this plunges Eddie deep into a dangerous story that he cannot escape from.

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Gillies Mckinnon


Stephen Rea, Richard Harris, Stuart Townsend


Billy Roche

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Countries of production

Ireland, United Kingdom



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