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Heddy Honigmann

Tot ziens (Good-bye)

Edition 1995
110' - 1995 - Drama - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Heddy Honigmann Composer: Wouter van Bemmel With: Johanna ter Steege, Guy van Sande, Els Dottermans
This is the story of two indefatigable lovers Jan and Laura. A married man and a single woman, both in their early thirties. They meet at the skating rink one winter day and spend the night together. Jan tells Laura he's married to Ann and despite their strong mutual attraction, he decides not to get involved with her. But the heart has reasons that reason cannot comprehend and as seasons pass the couple slips into the tortuous groove of adultery.
Every time they say good-bye, they honestly think it's farewell. But each time, one of them
breaks down under the call of their shared passion.

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B5d5c771 59a6 46fa aa4a fd5aad6118e9
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Heddy Honigmann


Wouter van Bemmel


Johanna ter Steege, Guy van Sande, Els Dottermans


Heddy Honigmann, Helena van der Meulen

Director of Photography

Stef Tijdink


Sander Vos


Wim Odé, Suzanne Van Voorst

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Countries of production

The Netherlands



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