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Benjamin Ross

The Young Poisoner's Handbook (Young poisoner's handbook, the)

Edition 1995
99' - 1995 - Crime, Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: English
Director: Benjamin Ross Composer: Robert Lane, Frank Strobel With: Hugh O'Conor, Tobias Arnold, Ruth Sheen
In 1961 in Neasden, a northern suburb of London,14-year-old Graham Young discovers his exceptional gifts for chemistry. Thanks to the equipment he has been given and the books the librarian slips him on the sly, he is soon ready to attempt a rather advanced experiment. Obsessed by antimony and a heavy metal, thallium, he tries to create something beautiful, as he says ... But in no time he is using his knowledge to eliminate anyone who gets in his way: in order to date a girl he is keen on, for instance, he thinks nothing of poisoning his rival. Young Graham then tries out his brilliant theories on his own family, his stepmother in particular ...

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Benjamin Ross


Robert Lane, Frank Strobel


Hugh O'Conor, Tobias Arnold, Ruth Sheen


Benjamin Ross, Jeff Rawle

Director of Photography

Hubert Taczanowski


Sam Taylor

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Countries of production

United Kingdom, Germany, France



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