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Alan Rickman

The Winter Guest

108' - 1997 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Alan Rickman Composer: Michael Kamen With: Phyllida Law, Emma Thompson, Sheila Reid, Sandra Voe
The Winter Guest is set in a seaside town in Scotland on the coldest day in living memory, a day when even the sea has frozen solid. On this day, an elderly woman arrives unannounced and unexpected at the home of her grown-up daughter, offering unsolicited advise, opinions and emotion. In his directorial debut, the acclaimed actor Alan Rickman brings together two of Britain's most august talents, Emma Thompson and her mother Phyllida Law, to portray a strong-willed mother and daughter at a life-changing point in their relationship. Stunningly photographed and beautifully acted, The Winter Guest suggests that in the smallest details and subtlest nuances, the most telling insights can be revealed.

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Alan Rickman


Michael Kamen


Phyllida Law, Emma Thompson, Sheila Reid, Sandra Voe


Alan Rickman, Sharman Macdonald

Director of Photography

Seamus McGarvey


Scott Thomas


Ken Lipper, Edward R. Pressman

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Countries of production

United Kingdom

Screenplay based on

"The Winter Guest" (Sharman Macdonald)



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