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Miroslav Janek

The Unseen (Nespatrené)

Edition 1997
53' - 1996 - Documentary - Dialogue: Czech
Director: Miroslav Janek
This documentary film on blind children is a sensitive guest for our common values of life and enables us to glance at the secluded world of the blind. The primary players of this film are the children of a Czech school for the blind where a sense of absolute normalcy and creative ventures are enthusiastically encouraged. This school has an unorthodox program that teaches photography to the blind kids. We witness the spontaneous unexpected interest of the blind children in photography, the way they take photos as well as the result of their work. The film is a beautifully crafted celebration of freedom, personal initiative and the inclusion of the handicapped in society and culture.

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Miroslav Janek


Daniela Hornickova

Director of Photography

Miroslav Janek


Tonicka Jankova


Renata Vlekova

Production studios

Czech Television

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Countries of production

Czech Republic



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