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Silvio Soldini

The Thread (Le Acrobate)

Edition 1997
120' - 1997 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Italian
Director: Silvio Soldini Composer: Giovanni Venosta With: Licia Maglietta, Valeria Golino, Mira Sardoc, Angela Marraffa
Elena, in her forties, is a wealthy chemist, lost in her material comfort, who lives in the north of Italy. At times her cosy existence is invaded by floods of tears for no apparent reason: it's as though she's lost track of where her life is headed. One night she runs over a cantankerous old woman of modest means called Anita. Little by little, they become friends, secretly. Elena visits her regularly and tries to ease her pain. Just after they share some special moments, Anita dies suddenly and Elena is alone again. While she is tidying up her old friend's affairs she finds a photograph of a little girl who lives in the south of Italy. She assumes the girl is a relative and goes to trace the family. Two worlds collide and rub shoulders.

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Silvio Soldini


Giovanni Venosta


Licia Maglietta, Valeria Golino, Mira Sardoc, Angela Marraffa


Silvio Soldini, Doriana Leondeff, Laura Bosio

Director of Photography

Luca Bigazzi


Claudio Cormio


Marco Bassetti

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