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Martin Duffy

The Testimony of Taliesin Jones

Edition 2000
93' - 2000 - Drama, Family - Dialogue: English
Director: Martin Duffy Composer: Mark Thomas With: Jonathan Pryce, Ian Bannen, John-Paul MacLeod
‘The Testimony of Taliesin Jones’ is a touching film that explores the nature of belief and the source of miracles through the eyes of a boy who is perched on the borderland between childhood and adolescence. Poetic, precisely observed, and infused with gentile humor, it presents a different path for children to follow when faced with the confusion and imperfection of the adult world that they are about to enter. For Tal, the power of belief and the courage to stand for that belief have changed his world. Tal, his family and friends are all different now, touched by a young boy’s simple faith – and given the gift of hope

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Martin Duffy


Mark Thomas


Jonathan Pryce, Ian Bannen, John-Paul MacLeod


Rhidian Brook, Maureen Tilyou

Director of Photography

Tony Imi


Jonathan Rudd


Louise Caire Clark, Ben Goddard, Helena Mackenzie, Kevin Marcy

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Countries of production

United Kingdom

Screenplay based on

"The Testimony of Taliesin Jones" (Rhidian Brook)



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