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Mostafa Dergham

The Step

13' - 2022 - Drama, Short
Director: Mostafa Dergham With: Feryal Ahmed, Ryan Shehab, Susana AbdulMajid
This short film is part of A Film School in Mosul.
A man and a woman get married. Their families gather for the wedding party in the old city of Mosul. They dance, clap and shriek. Later, the bride Maryam is brought to the groom’s house. There, in her new bedroom, she waits for her husband to arrive. When he doesn’t, she goes outside and finds him smoking in the streets. The bride and groom smile. They feel elated and start to walk towards each other. Suddenly, Muhanad hears a clicking sound from under his foot.

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Mostafa Dergham


Feryal Ahmed, Ryan Shehab, Susana AbdulMajid


Mostafa Dergham, Mohamed Fawaz

Director of Photography

Mohamed Fawaz


Mostafa Dergham, Mohamed Fawaz

Production studios


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Countries of production

Belgium, Iraq




Mostafa Dergham
The Step (2022)

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