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Richard Flanagan

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

92' - 1997 - Drama - Dialogue: English, English
Director: Richard Flanagan Composer: Cezary Skubiszewski With: Kerry Fox, Kristof Kaczmarek, Rosie Flanagan
It is the winter of 1954 in Tasmania. Sonja Buloh's mother leaves the immigrant workers' quarters and wanders off into the snowstorm, never to return. Sonja is just three years old. Sonja's father tries hard to cope with this loss; having left Europe to start a new life here, he clings steadfastly to his dreams. But in time his hopes are shattered and, in his despair, he drowns his sorrows in drink. At the age of 16, Sonja, unable to stand it any longer, decides to leave him. 20 years later Sonja returns; she is pregnant but unmarried. The meeting is difficult for both father and daughter and it is only gradually that they begin to break the ice. Finally, Sonja learns what it was that drove her mother to commit suicide all those years ago.

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Richard Flanagan


Cezary Skubiszewski


Kerry Fox, Kristof Kaczmarek, Rosie Flanagan

Director of Photography

Martin McGrath


John Scott, Tania Nehme


Deborah Cox, Stephen Thomas

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English, English

Countries of production

Australia, Australia

Screenplay based on

["\"The Sound of One Hand Clapping\" (Richard Flanagan)","\"The Sound of One Hand Clapping\" (Richard Flanagan)"]



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