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Zhang Yimou

The Road Home (Wo de fu qin mu qin)

Director Zhang Yimou Composer Bao San Cast Ziyi Zhang, Honglei Sun, Hao Zheng
89' - 1999 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Mandarin
A call from the district mayor informing him on the sudden death of his father, brings businessman Luo Yusheng back for the first time in years to the small village of Sanhetun in northern China where he was born. Luo Yusheng arrives to discover his grief-sicken mother, Zhao Di. Although times have changed a great deal, she wants her son to help prepare the funeral according to ancient traditions. For his part, the mayor is hoping that Luo Yusheng will be able to persuade his mother at least allow the coffin to be driven instead of carried all the way to the burial ground. Zhao Di, however, is not to be swayed. As Luo Yusheng watches his mother weaving the shroud, he reflects on what he knows about the time when his parents first fell in love, and how much their relationship was overshadowed by historical events...

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Zhang Yimou


Bao San


Ziyi Zhang, Honglei Sun, Hao Zheng


Shi Bao

Director of Photography

Hou Yong


Ru Zhai


Yu Zhao

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Screenplay based on

"Remembrance" (Shi Bao)




Zhang Yimou
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