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Richard Schenkman

The pompatus of love

Edition 1996
99' - 1995 - Drama, Comedy, Romance - Dialogue: English
Director: Richard Schenkman Composer: John Hill With: Adrian Pasdar, Paige Turco, Arabella Field
Four 30-ish best buddies sit around in a New York bar wrestling with life's big mysteries: What's it all about ? Do you find love or does it finds you? And what do women really want? Mark starts analysing his relationship with tempestuous Tasha into oblivion. Josh a playboy, meets his match when he standsup intelligent and beautiful Cynthia to have a fling with a married woman, Gina. And Phil, married with two kids, gets the hots for the classy Caroline and a potential extra-marital affair. Runyon, the poet of the group, longs for cool Kathryn who left him to live in California. As they prowl the streets, bars, and rooftops of Manhattan, their lives fall apart and come back together in ways they had never imagined just 56 hours before...

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Richard Schenkman


John Hill


Adrian Pasdar, Paige Turco, Arabella Field


Richard Schenkman, Jon Cryer, Adam Oliensis

Director of Photography

Russell Lee Fine


Dan Rosen


Pascal Caucheteux, D.J. Paul, Jon Resnik

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