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Berit Nesheim

The Other Side of Sunday (Søndagsengler)

97' - 1996 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Norwegian
Director: Berit Nesheim Composer: Geir Bohren, Bent Åserud With: Marie Theisen, Hildegun Riise, Bjørn Sundquist
It is Sunday morning once again and, sitting in the uncomfortable wooden pew, Maria calculates that by the time of her confirmation she will have spent 640 hours in church. Maria is the vicar’s daughter but enough is enough. She doesn't want communion; she doesn’t want the blood of Christ. What she really wants is a Coke at the local café. Maria wants to wear earrings and grow breasts and meet boys. Her confidant is Mrs. Tunheim, the verger, one of the few church wives who readily admits to having a body below her neck. Maria and Mrs. Tunheim do not want to end up in the grey hats and shapeless coats that the joyless women in the wooden pews wear. But their efforts to avoid that fate take them along two different paths.

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Berit Nesheim


Geir Bohren, Bent Åserud


Marie Theisen, Hildegun Riise, Bjørn Sundquist


Berit Nesheim, Lasse Glom

Director of Photography

Arne Borsheim


Lillian Fjellvær


Oddvar Bull Tuhus

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Countries of production


Screenplay based on

"Søndag" (Redun Nordtvedt)



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