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David Hayman

The near room

Edition 1996
90' - 1995 - Drama, Thriller - Dialogue: English
Director: David Hayman Composer: James Grant, Paul McGeechan With: David Hayman, Adrian Dunbar, David O'Hara
Charlie Cokauhoun is assigned a case involving a scandal of prostitution and corruption. The informer is soon found dead and the girl at the center of the scandal disappears. As hard a cynic as Charlie might be, he was not prepared to be spit on the face by his own past. His best childhood friend, Harris Hill, a prosperous attorney notable for his good deeds in the community, is apparently involved, but worse still, the child/prostitute at the heart of the scandal turns out to be Tommy, the baby daughter Charlie abandoned years ago. From now on, no matter how many circles of hell must he tread, Charlie will embark on a heroic effort to rescue his daughter.

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David Hayman


James Grant, Paul McGeechan


David Hayman, Adrian Dunbar, David O'Hara


Robert Murphy

Director of Photography

Kevin Rowley


Martin Sharpe


Leonard Crooks

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Countries of production

United Kingdom



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