09 20 Oct '24

Endaf Emlyn

The making of maps (Y Mapiwr)

Edition 1996
90' - 1995 - Drama - Dialogue: Welsh
Director: Endaf Emlyn Composer: Mark Thomas With: Gavin Ashcroft, Abigail Creel, Richard Elis
In a small town in South West Wales, Griff, a 14 year-old boy follows the developments of the Cuban missile crisis with growing concern. He fears that the end of the world is coming and plans for his survival when the day of reckoning arrives. He draws his world and his surroundings on maps which he keeps hidden in the attic. In addition to his anxiety about the international situation, he is also trying to come to terms with the crisis within his family. Following the disappearance of the star pupil from his mother's dance academy, during a picnic, Megan (his mother), has taken to her bed and rejected the outside world. The relationship between Megan and her husband has deteriorated since the fateful picnic.



Endaf Emlyn


Mark Thomas


Gavin Ashcroft, Abigail Creel, Richard Elis


Endaf Emlyn

Director of Photography

Nina Kellgren


Chris Lawrence


Pauline Williams

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Countries of production

United Kingdom



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