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Ivan Popov

The Little Cat (Kotjonok)

80' - 1996 - Family, Adventure - Dialogue: Russian
Director: Ivan Popov Composer: Mark Minkov With: Andrei Kuznetsov, Lyudmila Arinina, Aleksey Voytyuk
This film tells the story of the adventures of a dear little cat in a big modern city. The cat is bought by a grandmother as a present for two little children. It is to live in a happy family comprising a musician father, an engineer mother, a grandmother and two children. His arrival on the scene introduces a whole series of problems and conflicts to the family. However, in spite of a wake of broken vases, torn curtains and ink blots all over mother's drawings, his hosts are genuinely worried when the little cat disappears one day. The family hunts for him high and low and they put an ad in the paper - all in vain ... Meanwhile the kitten is out and about in the city, getting himself into all sorts of dangerous situations.

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Ivan Popov


Mark Minkov


Andrei Kuznetsov, Lyudmila Arinina, Aleksey Voytyuk

Director of Photography

Vladimir Fastenko


Valeriya Belova


Elena Zyzina, Lermont Muradjan, Jewgenij Zdornov

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