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Kim Ki-young

The Housemaid (1960) (하녀)

Classics Focus on Korean Cinema 110' - 1960 - Crime, Drama, Thriller - Dialogue: Korean
Director: Kim Ki-young Composer: Han Sang-gi With: Lee Eun-shim, Kim Jin-kyu, Ju Jeung-nyeo
This classis of South Korean cinema of the sixties is an erotically charged thriller about a manipulative maid who drags a neat bourgeois family into the deepest depths. A marriage of the cinema of Hitchcock and Buñuel.
The only film in this Classics section that dates back to last century made such an impression on younger generations that it can be regarded as the matrix of a mini-genre about diabolical personnel infiltrating the bourgeois elite, of which Bong Joon-ho's Palme d'Or winner Parasite might be the crowning achievement. Protagonist is a music teacher who sees his entire existence (house, wife and child) destroyed by the manipulations of a seductive maid, which leads to claustrophobic terror captured in quasi expressionistic black-and-white photography. This masterpiece by Kim Ki-young can also be interpreted as a manifesto in defence of patriarchy and against the perverse influence of western culture. But above all, it's a wicked erotic thriller that would make Hitchcock and Buñuel proud.
"A bleak, Nietzschean view of human motivation, and the whole, with its jazz-score, location shooting, hot-house Sirkian drama and Clouseau-like horror suspense makes for a notably delirious experience." - Time Out Film Guide

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Kim Ki-young


Han Sang-gi


Lee Eun-shim, Kim Jin-kyu, Ju Jeung-nyeo


Kim Ki-young

Director of Photography

Kim Deok-jin


Oh Young-Keun


Kim Young-cheol

Production studios

Hanguk Munye Yeonghwa, Korean Munye Films Co., Ltd.

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Countries of production

South Korea




Kim Ki-young
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