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Charley Rogers

The Fixer Uppers

Edition 1992
21' - 1935 - Comedy, Short - Dialogue: English
Director: Charley Rogers With: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch
Door-to-door greeting card salesmen Stanley and Oliver call upon Mrs. Pierre Gustave, a woman distraught over her husband's neglect. They agree to her plan to reclaim her husband's affection by making him jealous. But when Gustave arrives and finds his wife and Oliver in a tight embrace, he presents Oliver with his card and challenges him to a duel. The boys escape, but get drunk and pass out at a local cafe, and are returned to Gustave's apartment when the police find Gustave's card in Oliver's pocket. They awake (in Mrs. Gustave's bed) to find the enraged husband, pistol in hand.

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10326164 293c 4da5 bebd 7d257aa22b89
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Charley Rogers


Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch


Frank Tashlin


Hal Roach

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United States of America



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