09 20 Oct '24
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João Mário Grilo

The Eyes of Asia (Os olhos da Ásia)

84' - 1996 - Historical, Drama - Dialogue: Portuguese, Japanese
Director: João Mário Grilo Composer: Jorge Arriagada With: Geraldine Chaplin, Yoshi Oida, João Perry, Yasukito Umeno
Julian of Nakaura, a Japanese priest of the Society of Jesus, was one of the four young ambassadors sent to Rome in 1583 by the Jesuits as proof that Japan had been christianised. Fifty years after that glorious mission Julian is once again forced to prove his faith, this time before the shogun's tenacious militia and courts, who want to force him to abandon his religion. Julian resists, and it is Miguel Chijiwa, one of his fellow ambassadors who leads him tragically to martyrdom. Betrayed by a Jesuit provincial who cannot bear the pain of torture, Julian dies an inglorious death... or perhaps not. In the Eyes of Asia, Nakaura remains one of the most profound and indecipherable symbols of the dialogue of the deaf between East and West.

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João Mário Grilo


Jorge Arriagada


Geraldine Chaplin, Yoshi Oida, João Perry, Yasukito Umeno


João Mário Grilo, Paulo Filipe

Director of Photography

João Paulo Costa


Christian Dior


Paulo Branco

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Portuguese, Japanese

Countries of production

Germany, Japan, France, Portugal



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