09 20 Oct '24
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Rob Sitch

The Dish

101' - 2000 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: English
Director: Rob Sitch Composer: Edmund Choi With: Sam Neill, Kevin Harrington, Tom Long, Patrick Warburton, Genevieve Mooy
On July 1969, six hundred million people gathered around television sets around the world to watch Neil Armstrong take those first steps on the moon. A little known fact is that those famous images were beamed from a radio telescope in the middle of a sheep paddock in New South Wales, Australia! Based on a true story, the film follows the Australian/American team behind this historic broadcast capturing the excitement. NASA originally intended Australian radio telescopes to be used as 'backup' to the prime receiver in Goldstone, California. But a last-minute flight schedule change meant that telescopes in the southern hemisphere would be in a position to receive the famous images. A few days before the launch, NASA representative Al arrives at the site. His three Australian colleagues struggle to accept his fastidious ways and tension develops. Then a few days after Apollo XI's lift-off and its journey towards the moon, disaster strikes at the Dish ... (press kit)

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Rob Sitch


Edmund Choi


Sam Neill, Kevin Harrington, Tom Long, Patrick Warburton, Genevieve Mooy


Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner, Jane Kennedy, Rob Sitch

Director of Photography

Graeme Wood


Jill Bilcock


Michael Hirsch

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