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Jeroen Krabbé

The Discovery of Heaven

120' - 2001 - Fantasy, Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Jeroen Krabbé Composer: Henny Vrienten With: Stephen Fry, Greg Wise, Flora Montgomery, Neil Newbon
God is fed up with mankind and charges an angel with the task of retrieving his Commandments. The angel arranges for two men, Onno and Max, to befriend each other and a young cello-player named Ada. During the course of a wild visit to Cuba both Onno and Max make love to Ada. She becomes pregnant and although each man assumes he is the father, she marries Onno. A month before the child is due, Ada has a car accident and falls into a coma. A few weeks later a son, Quinten, is born and he is raised by Max and Ada’s mother Sophia. When Quinten is sixteen, his father leaves the country without leaving a trace. Having tracked him down to Rome, Quinten surmises that the Ten Commandments are hidden in a secret room. Onno and Quinten steal them and flee to Israel where the boy is overtaken by the urge to return the tablets to their historical resting place, the Golden Temple in Jerusalem. Sensing a lurking danger, Onno tries to stop his son…

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Jeroen Krabbé


Henny Vrienten


Stephen Fry, Greg Wise, Flora Montgomery, Neil Newbon


Edwin de Vries

Director of Photography

Theo Bierkens


Kant Pan


Ate de Jong, Edwin de Vries, Jeroen Krabbé

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Countries of production

The Netherlands, United Kingdom

Screenplay based on

De ontdekking van de hemel (Harry Mulisch)



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