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Sue Clayton

The disappearance of Finbar

Director Sue Clayton Composer Davy Spillane Cast Luke Griffin, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Sean Lawlor
Edition 1996
105' - 1996 - Mystery, Drama - Dialogue: Mandarin, Finnish, English, Swedish
Finbar lives in a bizarre small community of houses that are shadowed by a giant flyover which sails over their heads on its way to a Europe they know nothing about. Finbar is their great hope, but one night, goaded by the jealousy of his friends, he climbs up the towering structure, stares at the teeming road beneath... and disappears. No body is found, and it is up to Danny, his reluctant best friend, to discover what actually happened amongst the maze of clues, false trails, recriminations and memories. Danny's insane journey through the snow, his encounters with crazy Finns, love, passion and tango, show us what holds people together and what tears them apart.

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Sue Clayton


Davy Spillane


Luke Griffin, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Sean Lawlor


Sue Clayton, Dermot Bolger, Carl Lombard

Director of Photography

Eduardo Serra


J. Patrick Duffner


Martin Bruce-Clayton, Bertil Ohlsson

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Mandarin, Finnish, English, Swedish

Countries of production

Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden