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Pat O'Neill

The Decay of fiction

Edition 2003
74' - 2002 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Pat O'Neill With: Wendi Winburn, William Lewis, Julio Leopold, Amber Lopez
The Decay of Fiction exists at an intersection of fact and hallucination in an abandoned luxury hotel. The walls of the Ambassador are cracked and peeling, the lawns are brown, and mushrooms grow in the damp carpets. The pool is empty, and the ballroom where Bobby Kennedy was shot is locked. A tall, elegant blonde stands transparently on the terrace of her bungalow, smoking and watching the sunrise. Various characters - all reflections of the rich past of the building - come and go, time passes. By using digital techniques, O'Neill puts several layers one on top of another. However he does not bother to create an illusion of reality: he rather focuses attention on the artificial, staged aspects of the film. Contrasting with what narrative tradition demands, he deliberately investigates the limits of credibility.

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Pat O'Neill


Wendi Winburn, William Lewis, Julio Leopold, Amber Lopez

Director of Photography

George Lockwood


Pat O'Neill


Pat O'Neill

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United States of America



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