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Karen Sjachnazarov

The Day of Full Moon (Den polnoloenija)

Edition 1998
92' - 1998 - Drama - Dialogue: Russian
Director: Karen Sjachnazarov Composer: Anatolij Kroll With: Anna Germ, Andrey Panin, Elena Koreneva
Strange things happen under the full moon. The lines between past and present, between dream and reality, fade and disappear. And the moon is definitely full in this story. A minor character of one episode is the hero of another and scenes are strung together like beads on the thread of life. A nondescript young man in a crowd scene turns out to be the descendant of a medieval king; a young man ogling a girl on a bus gets killed only minutes later in a gang shootout; an old man looks vacantly at a dead bandit and recalls his youth and the chance encounter with a mysterious stranger in whom he recognised the woman of his dreams. Anything can happen under the full moon.

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Karen Sjachnazarov


Anatolij Kroll


Anna Germ, Andrey Panin, Elena Koreneva

Director of Photography

Gennadij Karjuk


Lidiya Milioti


Vladimir Dostal

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