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Robert Altman

The Company

Edition 2003
112' - 2003 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: English
Director: Robert Altman Composer: Van Dyke Parks With: Neve Campbell, James Franco, Malcolm McDowell
With The Company, esteemed director Robert Altman teams up with the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago and talents Neve Campbell and Malcom McDowell to create an airy, colourful and penetrating look at the intense day-to-day work of a ballet company. The film is a startling pas de deux between Altman's fluid, expressive camera and the pulsating life force of the ballet. The director delves into the subtleties of the dancer's interactions through the story of a woman poised to become a principal dancer and wrestling with the astronomical physical and emotions demands of her vocation. This is no idealized version of the ballet grace - Altman's camera catches the hours of seat and strain with a cast to whom the discipline is second nature. The Company also revels in the sheer beauty and magic of what is created when the lights go down and the dancers appear to cast their magic.

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Robert Altman


Van Dyke Parks


Neve Campbell, James Franco, Malcolm McDowell


Barbara Turner

Director of Photography

Andrew Dunn


David Ley, Joshua Astrachan, Neve Campbell, Robert Altman, Christine Vachon, Pamela Koffler

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United Kingdom




Robert Altman
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