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Ricky D'Ambrose

The Cathedral

Edition 2022
88' - 2021 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Ricky D'Ambrose With: Brian d'Arcy James, Monica Barbaro, Geraldine Singer
Based on director Ricky D'Ambrose's personal childhood memories, the fictional The Cathedral observes the growth of its protagonist and the gradual cracks in his family in an un-American way.
The Cathedral follows the boy Jesse Damrosch through the first two decades of his life. That his name sounds familiarly close to director Ricky D'Ambrose's shows how personal the film is. D'Ambrose's thoughtful narrative style matches that of his taciturn and sensitive main character. Jesse has almost exclusively daylight memories of his youth and the film reflects this. In contrast, the cathedral of the American dram slowly but surely casts a shadow over his family. Little stars appear in the stained-glass window of their everyday existence, while in the background - on television - former President Clinton reminds his compatriots how lucky they are. The Cathedral is an unconventional and unsentimental coming-of-age film, delicate and impressionistic, at once wry and gentle.
“Piercingly small and detailed moments accumulate to offer a portrait of a family in crisis against the backdrop of an America in a state of turmoil that continues to ripple into contemporary life.” - Slant

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Ricky D'Ambrose


Brian d'Arcy James, Monica Barbaro, Geraldine Singer


Ricky D'Ambrose

Director of Photography

Barton Cortright


Ricky D'Ambrose


Graham Swon

Executive Producer

David Lowery

Production studios

Ravenser Odd

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Countries of production

United States of America




Ricky D'Ambrose
University People (short, 2007), The Stranger (short, 2011), Chantal Akerman (short, 2013), Dan Sallitt (short, 2013), Nathan Silver (short, 2013), Gina Telaroli (short, 2014), Pilgrims (short, 2013), Matías Piñeiro (short, 2014), Alex Ross Perry (short, 2014), Six Cents in the Pocket (short, 2015), Four Americans (short, 2016), Spiral Jetty (short, 2017), Notes on an Appearance (2018), The Sky is Clear and Blue Today (short, 2019), Object Lessons, or: What Happened Whitsunday (short, 2020), The Great Fair (short, 2021)

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