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Terence Ryan

The brylcreem boys

Edition 1996
106' - 1998 - War, Drama, Romance - Dialogue: English
Director: Terence Ryan Composer: Richard Hartley With: Billy Campbell, Chris 'Kit' Ryan, Jean Butler
During World War II the Republic of Ireland made every effort to remain strictly neutral. As part of this policy any soldier, sailor or airman from either the German or the Allied side captured on Irish soil would be interned for the duration of the war. What the Irish failed to say was that everybody would be interned on the same camp... 1941, Squadron Leader Miles Keogh floats down through the dark sky on his parachute and does not see the rival Messerschmitt crash into the hills below. Keogh is arrested by the Irish military. In the bus to the internment camp is also Von Stegenbek, pilot of the Messerschmitt which brought Keogh's plane down...

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Terence Ryan


Richard Hartley


Billy Campbell, Chris 'Kit' Ryan, Jean Butler


Terence Ryan, Jamie Brown, Terence Ryan

Director of Photography

Gerry Lively


Emma E. Hickox


Alan Latham, Paul Madigan, Terence Ryan, Bernie Stampfer

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Countries of production

United Kingdom



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