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Thomas Lennon, Michael Epstein

The battle over Citizen Kane

Edition 1996
108' - 1995 - Historical, Biography, Documentary - Dialogue: English
Director: Thomas Lennon, Michael Epstein Composer: Brian Keane With: William Alland, Thomas Anderson, Peter Bogdanovich, Jimmy Breslin, Leonard de Paur
There was a buzz about Welles' film Citizen Kane long before it was released. At a preview screening, everyone present knew they had seen the work of a genius - everyone except Hedda Hopper, a leading gossip columnist, who hated the movie, calling it 'a vicious attack on a great man'. The 'great man' was William Randolph Hearst. The film was a thinly-veiled portrait of the immensely powerful newspaper magnate. When Hearst learned of the film, he set out to destroy Welles and suppress the movie. Welles was no stranger to trouble. Just a year earlier he had terrorised the USA with The War of the Worlds, a radio broadwast simulating an alien invasion. But now, the 24-year-old director had taken on one of the most powerful men in America....

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Thomas Lennon, Michael Epstein


Brian Keane


William Alland, Thomas Anderson, Peter Bogdanovich, Jimmy Breslin, Leonard de Paur


Richard Ben Cramer, Thomas Lennon

Director of Photography

Greg Andracke, Michael Chin


Ken Eluto


Michael Epstein, Thomas Lennon

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United States of America



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