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Atom Egoyan

The Adjuster

Director Atom Egoyan Composer Mychael Danna Cast Elias Koteas, Arsinée Khanjian, Maury Chaykin
Edition 2023
102' - 1991 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: English
The Adjuster is a captivating and mysterious film directed by Atom Egoyan, offering a unique perspective on the life of an insurance adjuster and the complexities of human relationships.

The burning down of his parents' furniture store and how this affected their lives was the starting point for the film that Egoyan made two years, in which he created an intrigue around the figure of the insurance claims adjuster who assists people who have lost their possessions. Egoyan's adjuster delves very deeply into the body and soul of the victims: he not only acts as their confessor and psychiatrist, but also provides them with solace through sexual encounters. This Noah is a typical Egoyan creation: a man who constructs a different reality for himself and observes and manipulates the lives of others in a vampire-like manner. Egoyan visualizes his fantasies with his customary ambiguity and places his characters in spaces and settings that are simultaneously familiar and banal, as well as bizarre and mysterious, such as the red-blue motel where the homeless fire victims worship their 'savior.'

"The Adjuster might almost be the third instalment in a trilogy which began with Family Viewing and Speaking Parts. It’s Egoan’s richest, most expansive film to date, an engrossing deadpan tragicomedy, evocatively shot in CinemaScope, with surprising affecting performances from Elias Koteas and Maury Chaykin in particular." - Time Out Film Guide

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Atom Egoyan


Mychael Danna


Elias Koteas, Arsinée Khanjian, Maury Chaykin


Atom Egoyan

Director of Photography

Paul Sarossy


Susan Shipton


Atom Egoyan

Production studios

Alliance Entertainment

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Atom Egoyan
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