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Edward Yang

That Day, on the Beach (Hai Tau Shau De Yi Ten)

Director Edward Yang Composer Man-Yee Lam Cast Sylvia Chang, Ming Hsu, Lieh Lee
Edition 1995
166' - 1983 - Drama - Dialogue: German, Mandarin
A famous pianist returns to Taiwan from overseas to give a concert. She receives a call from an old friend Lin Chia-li, the sister of an ex-boyfriend. Lin wants to talk about old times. In fact, the two women have not seen each other for a very long time. We learn that Chia-li's brother was once deeply in love with the pianist but because of his father's opposition to their relationship, he married another woman. His father is a patriarchal figure influenced by the Japanese education he received. Due to the end of their affair, she went overseas to study music and became a succesful performer. but despite her success, she feels emotionally empty.

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Edward Yang


Man-Yee Lam


Sylvia Chang, Ming Hsu, Lieh Lee


Edward Yang, Nien-Jen Wu

Director of Photography

Hui-Kung Chang, Christopher Doyle


Chung-Ling Wu

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German, Mandarin

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Edward Yang
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