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Bogdan Dreyer

Thalassa, Thalassa - Rückkehr zum Meer (Thalassa, Thalassa! Return to the Sea)

Edition 1995
89' - 1994 - Drama, Comedy, Family - Dialogue: Romanian
Director: Bogdan Dreyer Composer: Adrian Enescu With: Silvia Gheorghe, Alexandru Cirstea, Alexandru Anghel
This is an original variation on the indestructable genre of the road movie. It's a children's film for adults, made with a fine feeling for understatement and the absurd. In a bare and virtually empty Roumania, the schoolboy Fane finds in a barn one day a dream car: a white Jaguar dripping with (criminal dollars) and western luxury. With his friends, five boys and a girl, Fane makes a trip in the car. They're hooked. tHey want to go to the seaside. But then the journey through a Roumania forsaken by God and everyone else, gets increasingly dangerous. The reckless trip makes victims...

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Bogdan Dreyer


Adrian Enescu


Silvia Gheorghe, Alexandru Cirstea, Alexandru Anghel


Bogdan Dreyer, Ioan Grosan, Antonio Leonviola

Director of Photography

Doru Mitran


Adina Georgescu


Bogdan Dreyer, Melanie Flemming, Martin Hämer, Cornelia Ionescu, Ion Necula, Paulian Oprescu, Daniel Zuta

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Countries of production

Romania, Germany



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