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Alexis Manenti

Tête de brique (Brick Head)

International Short Film Competition 22' - 2022 - Drama, Short, Youth / Coming-Of-Age - Dialogue: Serbian
Director: Alexis Manenti Composer: Damien Vandesande With: Uros Gojkovic, Ilija Marsicevic, Denis Muric, Tatjana Vencelovski, Ivana Zecevic
This short film is part of International Shorts 3.
In an Eastern town, a young gang leader is terrorizing his neighbourhood. He forces everyone to carry a brick as a sign of submission. One day, an adoles-cent humiliated by the "tyrant" decides to fight back.

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Alexis Manenti


Damien Vandesande


Uros Gojkovic, Ilija Marsicevic, Denis Muric, Tatjana Vencelovski, Ivana Zecevic


Alexis Manenti, Pierre Grillet

Director of Photography

Stefan Đorđević


Nicolas Larrouquère


Arnaud Bruttin, Valéry Du Peloux

Production studios

Artisans du Film

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Countries of production

Serbia, France




Alexis Manenti
Zanaar (short, 2020), Tête de Brique (short, 2022)

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