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Frank Van Passel

Terug naar Oosterdonk

Edition 1997
55' - 1997 - Drama - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Frank Van Passel Composer: Wim De Wilde With: Dirk Roofthooft, Rik Van Uffelen, Ides Meire
Long ago, in the Antwerp polders, there was a village of farmers and dockers called Oosterdonk. The village could not resist the expansion of the port… A young boy, Brecht, could always be found in the company of Pietje The Liar: the local magician and philosopher who preached the opposition against the expropriations. Forty years later, during the funeral of his father, Brecht is confronted with his past. There is his love of yesterday Elza and his best friend Walter. But why, for God’s sake, did his father insist on the presence of Jos Teugels at his funeral? The entire village is placed under the spell of his father’s last wish. People start to backbite. Stories about murder and manslaughter emerge. Did the “treasure of Oosterdonk” ever exist? And what happened to Pietje?

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Frank Van Passel


Wim De Wilde


Dirk Roofthooft, Rik Van Uffelen, Ides Meire


Guido Van Meir

Director of Photography

Jan Vancaillie


Karin Vaerenberg


Dirk Impens, Rudy Verzyck

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Countries of production

Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany



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