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Gabriela David

Taxi - An Encounter (Taxi, un encuentro)

Edition 2001
100' - 2001 - Drama - Dialogue: Spanish
Director: Gabriela David Composer: Mariano Nunez West With: Diego Peretti, Miguel Guerberof, Josefina Viton, Pochi Ducasse, Pablo Brichta
A small, intimate story that plays like a counterpoint between the individual survival and solidarity towards other people.
A young man is smoking. He is staring at someone facing him, who we cannot see. Hesitantly he starts telling his story. It is nighttime in Buenos Aires. He steals a taxi at gunpoint and, prior to taking it to the scrap-yard belonging to three loutish brothers, seizes the opportunity to use the car taking passengers round the city. In the course of these nocturnal wanderings he meets an unknown girl, wounded and half-unconscious. He takes her home and tries to heal her, but she remains in such a precarious state of health that he decides to leave her on a street corner and call an ambulance. When she leaves the hospital, the girl desperately starts looking for him …

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Gabriela David


Mariano Nunez West


Diego Peretti, Miguel Guerberof, Josefina Viton, Pochi Ducasse, Pablo Brichta


Gabriela David

Director of Photography

Miguel Abal


Enrique C. Angeleri


Gabriela David

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