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Robert J. Siegel


Edition 2000
98' - 2000 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Robert J. Siegel Composer: Mark Wike With: Lauren Ambrose, Joelle Carter, Jennifer Dundas
Robert J. Siegel directs this understated exploration of teenage love and friendship. Set during the opening of summer vacation at Myrtle Beach, the film focuses on Frankie, a quiet lass who works with her brother Neil at the family's burger joint. Frankie's best friend is the trash-talking Nicola, who helps out at the body-piercing hut next door. When Neil hires the gorgeous Josee as a waitress, Nicola can barely conceal her jealousy, while Frankie is utterly mesmerized by the nubile beauty. Later, a mysterious drifter named Heath arrives in town, selling T-shirts from the back of his van. He instantly finds himself attracted to Frankie, ignoring both Nicola and Josee. As the two fall for one another, Frankie slowly gains self-confidence in spite of the raging jealousy of Nicola. (Jonathan Crow)

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Robert J. Siegel


Mark Wike


Lauren Ambrose, Joelle Carter, Jennifer Dundas


Robert J. Siegel, Lisa Bazadona, Grace Woodard

Director of Photography

John Leuba


J. Blake Fichera, Frank Reynolds


Linda Moran, Robert J. Siegel

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Countries of production

United States of America



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