09 20 Oct '24

Shang-fong Fu

Striking Back (Juedi fanji)

Edition 1997
102' - 1996 - Action, Comedy - Dialogue: Mandarin
Director: Shang-fong Fu Composer: Gerald Shi With: Neil Peng, Hui-Chiang Wang, Shih-Wei Huang, Ming-Wei Kao
The Taiwan movie industry is in a slump and it seems that no signs of recovery from recession are near in sight. People flock to see Hollywood action-packed movies, but they shun movies made by Taiwan directors. Despite the dire situation, there is still a group of movie makers who dream of making quality movies people want to see. This movie is about some of these dreamers. The September Film Production is a company that subsists on making commercial films but its ultimate goal is to make "artistic" movies. To remind themselves of their ambition, they refer to each other by the names of Director, Producer, Assistant Director, Playwright, Editor, Photographer and so on. Yet the sad truth is the company can't seem to make enough money to make its first movie.



Shang-fong Fu


Gerald Shi


Neil Peng, Hui-Chiang Wang, Shih-Wei Huang, Ming-Wei Kao


Wei-Jan Chi

Director of Photography

Jui-Yuan Shen


Tai-Chi Wen

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