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Karl Francis


Edition 1996
98' - 1995 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Karl Francis Composer: John E.R. Hardy With: Helen McCrory, Rhys Ifans, Christine Tuckett, Donna Edwards
This is the story of Jo, a lively, young, single mother, living with her abusive father on a Welsh housing estate. She works in a local sweatshop, doing other people's ironing, along with a group of local women, who become the gutsy chorus of this strong drama. Jo is different to them, she is not adverse to pulling a scam in order to be rehoused, but she wants to get on. She enrols in a college course. Then she discovers she is pregnant by her married lover, Kevin. His initial pleasure and promises lead her to believe that life is good. Then Kevin betrays her and Jo begins to fall apart. Events take a tragic turn as Jo succumbs to the effects of betrayal and lack of care that has been the story of her life.

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Karl Francis


John E.R. Hardy


Helen McCrory, Rhys Ifans, Christine Tuckett, Donna Edwards


Karl Francis

Director of Photography

Nigel Walters


Roy Sharman


Ruth Caleb

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Countries of production

United Kingdom



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