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Alain Resnais


Director Alain Resnais Composer Stephen Sondheim Cast Jean-Paul Belmondo, François Périer, Anny Duperey
Edition 2023
120' - 1974 - Crime, Biography - Dialogue: French, English
Stavisky is a cinematic exploration of the enigmatic life and exploits of Alexandre Stavisky, portrayed with charm and intrigue by Jean-Paul Belmondo. Director Alain Resnais crafts a stylish and melancholic narrative that unravels the mysteries surrounding this historical figure.
Of all the great films by the director of Hiroshima Mon Amour, Last Year at Marienbad, and Providence, this is the most overlooked and underrated. Alain Resnais presents a cool, elegant evocation of the infamous Stavisky affair, with Jean-Paul Belmondo as the dashing, theater-loving high society swindler who, in the 1930s, caused feverish speculation through his financial manipulations, shaking the corrupt Third Republic to its core. At times there is a morbidly romantic aura to this historical reconstruction. Resnais' camera moves with precise geometric motions, focusing on the emblems and status symbols of an era of economic and political bankruptcy, which the subplot involving Trotsky's exile also alludes to. The labyrinthine screenplay is by Jorge Semprun, and the melancholic score comes from Broadway great Stephen Sondheim.
"It’s rather as if the gorgeous décor and clothes of Marienbad had been given a shot of adrenaline with this compelling story. Belmondo personifies the film: he dresses well, with a love of clothes; he acts in a broad, very manly way, seductive yet shy, too; and we can credit that lurking pressure, the death wish." - "Have you seen...?", David Thomson.

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Alain Resnais


Stephen Sondheim


Jean-Paul Belmondo, François Périer, Anny Duperey


Jorge Semprún

Director of Photography

Sacha Vierny


Albert Jurgenson


Jean-Paul Belmondo

Production studios

Cerito Films

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French, English

Countries of production

Italy, France




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