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Ten Shimoyama

St. John's Wort (St. John's Wort)

Edition 2001
85' - 2000 - Mystery, Horror, Thriller - Dialogue: Japanese
Director: Ten Shimoyama Composer: Asako Yoshida Kanon Screen Music Foundation With: Megumi Okina, Yoichiro Saito, Reiko Matsuo
The staff of a small computer-games company is putting the final touches on a new product, a game called ‘St John’s Wort’, which takes place in a decrepit mansion recently willed to its heroine, Nami, by her late father. The game designer, Kohei, and the real-life Nami, an art student, drive out to this mansion. Kohei shoots video as they wander from room to room through it, intending to use the material in a future game. The pictures on the wall tell them that this was the home of a well-known but reclusive artist named Kaizawa Soichi. As they continue through the mansion, they stumble upon clues to Nami’s birth. An old music box conceals a picture of twin babies, from which they deduce that Nami has a twin sister. A bedroom reveals the desiccated mummy of a child, which they assume is the body of Naomi. Further search, however, reveals another six mummified young boys, and data from a hidden computer-monitoring system suggest the horrible truth about Kaizawa Soichi.

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Ten Shimoyama


Asako Yoshida Kanon Screen Music Foundation


Megumi Okina, Yoichiro Saito, Reiko Matsuo


Goro Nakajima, Takenori Sentô

Director of Photography

Kazuhiko Ogura


Seigo Hirasawa


Masato Hara

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