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Patrice Chereau

Son Frère

Edition 2003
89' - 2003 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: French
Director: Patrice Chereau With: Bruno Todeschini, Éric Caravaca, Nathalie Boutefeu
An intimate and intense study of the relationship between two brothers, one of whom is dying, and how they cope with the physical disintegration and impending death. They have not been close in recent years, and so they have to deal with a number of unresolved issues. Thomas is dying. He has decided to wait for his death on the coast, at the house where he spent his childhood. His brother Luc, a homosexual, is with him. They have never been very close and now they try to catch up with these lost years. For the first time Thomas is showing some interest in Luc's private life and the two brothers end up spending their time together reviving their childhood memories. It is a film about the disintegration of a body and about faces. It is a film about silence and about enforced chatter. It examines the skin, its folds and its furrows, its fine hairs and beads of perspiration. It is also an exploration of bruises, reddened scars, suppuration. It is a still life - a Nature Morte.

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Patrice Chereau


Bruno Todeschini, Éric Caravaca, Nathalie Boutefeu


Patrice Chereau, Anne-Louise Trividic

Director of Photography

Eric Gautier


François Gédigier


Joseph Strub

Non-original music

Angelo Badalamenti

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Countries of production


Screenplay based on

verhaal van Philippe Besson



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