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Erik Gustavson

Sofies verden (Sofies verden)

Director Erik Gustavson Composer Randall Meyers Cast Silje Storstein, Tomas von Brömssen, Andrine Sæther
113' - 1999 - Fantasy, Drama - Dialogue: Norwegian, German, Swedish
Leading what she thinks is an ordinary life, 15-year-old Sophie receives an anonymous letter with one essential question : ‘Who are you ?’ She continues to receive more letters until one day she meets her correspondent, Alberto Knox, who becomes her friend and teacher in philosophy. At the same time, Sophie mysteriously keeps getting postcards addressed to Hilde, a young girl. Alberto and Sophie travel through time and space, meeting many famous thinkers and artists, including Socrates, Shakespeare and Leonardo Da Vinci. Sophie always returns home after her many travels, where the letters addressed to Hilde pile up. One day, in a cabin in the forest close to her house, she discovers that she and Hilde look exactly alike. In a magic mirror on the wall, she can sense Hilde's presence and realises there is another life beyond hers.

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Erik Gustavson


Randall Meyers


Silje Storstein, Tomas von Brömssen, Andrine Sæther


Jostein Gaarder, Petter Skavlan

Director of Photography

Kjell Vassdal


Anne Andresssen


Oddvar Bull Tuhus, John M. Jacobsen

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Norwegian, German, Swedish

Countries of production

Norway, Sweden

Screenplay based on

"Sofies verden" (Jostein Gaarder)