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Ernie Gehr

Signal - Germany on the Air

41' - 1985 - Short - Dialogue: English
Director: Ernie Gehr
The power of the recorded image and of memory is the central concern of Ernie Gehr and Warren Sonbert's cinema. Signal - Germany on the Air (1985) was shot in Berlin, where Gehr was an artist-in-residence. The silent camera frames and records the street scene in a series of static shots. Gehr's exquisite timing and sure composition, together with the editing and repititive play of images, destabilize the humdrum scene and create a place of memory. The soundtrack, recorded off the air, heightens this effect (pressbook)

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Ernie Gehr


Ernie Gehr

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Ernie Gehr


Ernie Gehr

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United States of America



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