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Ali Shah Hatami

Shrapnels In Peace

Edition 2001
80' - 2000 - Drama, Family - Dialogue: Persian
Director: Ali Shah Hatami Composer: Fardin Khalatbari With: Abdul Hamid Daichipouran, Amir Iranian, Faramarz Mehrjou, Nemat Soltani
In order to earn money to send to his family who live in a nearby city, the young Jomeh and his friend Aboud, together with a group of inhabitants of the border town, collect scrap metal from the weapons left behind after the war. The work is very hard and dangerous and the boys work from dawn until dusk for very little money, under constant risk of being killed by a mine. The employer's daughter helps him in his work, and Jomeh is immediately attracted to her. He dreams that one day he will marry her and as a sign of his love he gives her a necklace he has found among the ruins. Meanwhile, back in his family's home, a suitor asks for the hand of Jomeh's sister. The boy decides that it is his duty to provide her dowry and so he volunteers to pass through a mine-field in order to collect more scrap metal. Aboud tries to change his mind ... (www.giffoniff.it)

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Ali Shah Hatami


Fardin Khalatbari


Abdul Hamid Daichipouran, Amir Iranian, Faramarz Mehrjou, Nemat Soltani


Mojtaba Faravardeh

Director of Photography

Rasoul Ahadi


Abbas Ganjavi


Mojtaba Faravardeh

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