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Im Kwon-taek

Seopyeonje (Sopyonje)

112' - 1993 - Drama - Dialogue: Korean
Director: Im Kwon-taek Composer: Kim Su-chol With: Kim Myung-gon, Oh Jung-hae, Kim Kyu-chu
Korea in the early sixties. Dong-ho, a man in his mid-thirties, wanders about the rural areas of his country, allegedly in search of rare healing herbs to send back to his sick son in Seoul. The true purpose of his search however is to find Song-hwa, the woman with whom he grew up. The past comes to life once more in an inn where a Pansori singer is appearing. He is still a child when one day a travelling Pansori singer, Yu-bong and his adopted daughter, Song-hwa come to his village. The singer falls in love with Dong-ho's widowed mother and, in time, all four move on together.

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Im Kwon-taek


Kim Su-chol


Kim Myung-gon, Oh Jung-hae, Kim Kyu-chu


Im Kwon-taek

Director of Photography

Jeon Il-seong


Park Sun-duk


Lee Tae-won

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Countries of production

South Korea

Screenplay based on

"Seopyeonje" (Chung-Joon Lee)




Im Kwon-taek

Jeonjaenggwa noin (1962), Dumanganga jal itgeola (1962), Shinmungo (1963), Mangbuseog (1963), Namjaneun anpallyeo (1963), Danjang lok (1963), Yeonghwa mama (1964), Shibnyeon sedo (1964), Yogmangui gyeolsan (1964), Wanggwa sangno (1965), Pungunui geomgaek (1967), Nilniri (1966), Naneum wang-ida (1966), Jeonjaenggwa yeogyosa (1966), Manghyang cheonri (1967), Lady in Dream (1968), Baramgateun sanai (1968), Yohwa Jang Huibin (1968), Eagle of the Plains (1969), Roegeom (1969), Night of the Full Moon (1969), Rain on Gomo Bridge (1969), Soknunseobi kin yeoja (1970), A Woman Pursued (1970), Binaerineun seonchangga (1970), Wolhaui geom (1970), Yogeom (1971), The Two Revengeful Hunchbacks (1971), 30 nyeonmanui daegyeol (1971), One Returns and the Other Leaves (1972), Cruel History of Myeong-dong (1972), Myeongdong samgukji (1972), Duljjae eomeoni (1972), Pursuit of the Bandits (1973),The Hidden Princess (1974), Wives on Parade (1974), Jeungeon (1974), Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1975), Nakdongkaneun heureuneunga (1976), Bare Feet in the Snow (1976), My Hometown (1976), Madame Kye in the Imjin War (1977), The Evergreen Tree (1978), The Divine Bow (1979), Genealogy (1979), Pursuit of Death (1980), The Hidden Hero (1980), The Wealthy Woman (1980), Mandala (1981), Abenko Green Berets (1982), The Polluted One (1982), High School Tears (1982), Village in the Mist (1983), Ticket (1986), Heureuneun gangmuleul eojji makeorya (1986), Gilsoddeum (1986), The Surrogate Woman (1987), Adada (1987), Diary of King Yonsan (1988), Aje aje bara aje (1989), Hand in Hand (1989), General's Son (1990), Fly High Run Far - Kae Byok,Son of a General II (1991), Son of a General III (1992), Sopyonje (1993), The Taebaek Mountains (1994), Festival (1996), Downfall (1997), Chunhyang (2000), Painted Fire (2002), Low Life (2004), Beyond the Years (2007), Hanji (2011), Hwajang (2014)

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