08 19 Oct '24

Rolf Orthel


Edition 1982
- 1981
Director: Rolf Orthel

For many years dr. Willem Sandberg was director of the Municipal Museum of Amsterdam, which under his management acquired international renown. With an open eye for the arts and developments in society, he has always tried to direct attention towards those artists who were also in some sense ahead of their time, and who were capable of expressing in their work social developments as they foresaw them.

But who is Sandberg? This film is a search into the personality of a man who - during World War II - discovered the importance of the present, the "now" and had the courage to defend what he thought good. Sandberg: an old man in the present.



Rolf Orthel


Rolf Orthel

Director of Photography

Jan Wouter van Reijen


Wouter F.A. Snip


Rolf Orthel

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Countries of production

The Netherlands



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