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Mohammad Ossama

Sacrifices (Sunduq al-dunya)

Director Mohammad Ossama Composer Marcel Khalife Cast Rafiq Sbeil, Maha Al Saleh, Nihal Al Khatib
Edition 2003
113' - 2002 - Drama - Dialogue: Arabic
It is the story of a family that is torn apart and suffers from their separation. A tree, a house, emptiness, isolation: in this stark landscape, the head of the family, an elderly man is dying. He would like to give his name to one of his newborn grandsons but he does not acknowledge any of them before he dies. Three cousins, without names, survive in this primitive world and in their different ways, seek pleasure and salvation. The first cousin looks for deliverance in restraint and submission, the second in love, the third in power, violence and cruelty. Returning from war, the father of the cousin who longs for love strengthens the cousin who employs violence and cruelty by giving him the keys to an immense power. The tree, a passive observer for the last 1000 years, appears to contemplate what will happen in the next millennium... A shadowy family tale in Syria with a political undertone and surrealist twists.

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Mohammad Ossama


Marcel Khalife


Rafiq Sbeil, Maha Al Saleh, Nihal Al Khatib


Mohammad Ossama

Director of Photography

Elso Roque


Martine BarraquƩ


Muhammad Al-Ahmad

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Countries of production

Syria, France