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Margarethe von Trotta


Edition 2003
136' - 2003 - War, Drama - Dialogue: German, French, English
Director: Margarethe von Trotta Composer: Loek Dikker With: Katja Riemann, Maria Schrader, Jan Decleir, Jürgen Vogel, Jutta Lampe

Ruth Weinstein, a New York woman, has just buried her husband. In her grief she ponders her orthodox Jewish religion and arranges a 30-day mourning period for the whole family. She disapproves the marriage of her daughter, Hannah, to the South American Luis. In order to find out why her mother is behaving so strangely, Hannah goes to Berlin to look for clues. She mets Lena Fischer: she met her mother as she was a little girl in a street called Rosenstrasse where, in 1943, hundreds of women had gathered to demonstrate against the deportation of their Jewish husbands...

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Margarethe von Trotta


Loek Dikker


Katja Riemann, Maria Schrader, Jan Decleir, Jürgen Vogel, Jutta Lampe


Margarethe von Trotta, Pamela Katz

Director of Photography

Franz Rath


Henrik Meyer, Richard Schöps, Markus Zimmer

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German, French, English

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