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Mark Rappaport

Rock Hudson's Home Movies

Edition 1993
63' - 1992 - Biography, Documentary - Dialogue: English
Director: Mark Rappaport With: Eric Farr
Rock Hudson' s Home Movies is a collage film, in which the 'found footage' is the star. It is revisionist film history that re-examines Hudson's films in light of what we now all know about him, namely that he was gay and died of AIDS. Rock is a unique paradox - the paradigm of screen masculinity wl..o happens to be gay. The fictional construct that was Rock Hudson becomes the text that can be read and reread in a variety of ways - but all. roads lead to Rome. Rock Hudson was a prisoner of, as well as a purveyor of, sexual politics and stereotypes. (Mark Rappaport)

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Mark Rappaport


Eric Farr


Mark Rappaport

Director of Photography

Mark Daniels


Mark Rappaport


Mark Rappaport

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United States of America



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