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Corina Van eijk


Director Corina Van eijk Composer Giuseppe Verdi Cast Peter Michailov, Karen Wierzba, Jasmin Besig
Edition 2003
100' - 2003 - Drama - Dialogue: Italian
The film tells the story of Rigoletto, whose job embroils him in the perverse world of the Duca, and who tries to shield his daughter Gilda from the nature of his work at all costs. His parental love has such a suffocating effect on Gilda, however that she has no option but to make a "fatal" escape. We recognize time and place of the action. We are in the sixties, the time of the sexual revolution. The surroundings of Duca, exude decadence. "Rigoletto" seems to have been conceived for film. All of the scenes, earthy, frivolous and here and there archetypical (when death and revenge come into play) are extraordinarily suited to film. "Rigoletto" is an opera with a recognizable set of problems, set in a rich libretto and exceptionally film-like music.

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Corina Van eijk


Giuseppe Verdi


Peter Michailov, Karen Wierzba, Jasmin Besig


Corina Van eijk

Director of Photography

Tinus Holthuis


Corina Van eijk, Saskia Van Roekel

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Countries of production

The Netherlands

Screenplay based on

Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto