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André Delvaux

Rendez-Vous à Bray (Rendez-vous in Bray)

Edition 1997
99' - 1971 - War, Drama - Dialogue: German, French
Director: André Delvaux With: Anna Karina, Mathieu Carrière, Roger Van Hool, Bulle Ogier
Of Luxembourg nationality, Julien is not drafted for the First World War, and is therefore able to continue his piano lessons in Paris. His friend Jacques is a pilot doing service at the war front. One day, Julien receives a telegram in which Jacques invites him for a stay at his remote estate in Bray. Julien leaves to meet his friend, but Jacques does not show up. His only company at the lovely estate is a reticent woman whom he assumes to be the housekeeper. By the time Julien decides to return to Paris, persuaded his friend has died in the war, he reads in the newspaper that the bad weather may have been the cause of Jacques' absence.

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André Delvaux


Anna Karina, Mathieu Carrière, Roger Van Hool, Bulle Ogier


André Delvaux, Julien Gracq

Director of Photography

Ghislain Cloquet


Mag Bodard

Production studios

Studio Mathonet, Cinevog Films

More information


German, French

Countries of production

Belgium, France, West Germany

Screenplay based on

Rendez-Vous à Bray (Julien Gracq)



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